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Build People Up

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“I believe people deserve to be told how special they are, even if they don’t see it. It is our job to remind each other that we are great, to build each other up, even if in the presence of those who tear people down.”

– Omar M

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Everything I wanted to say but, couldn’t think of…

Thought Catalog

Yes, you read that right… Mexican drug cartels. Thousands of years ago, Chinese doctors discovered how acupuncture works by studying the war wounds of soldiers struck by arrows. We often learn something awesome from the most unexpected places. Rather than bookmark another self-help website or listen to more advice from your friends and family, here’s some fresh advice on how to find love.

We all know drug-lords are famous for soul-deadening atrocities, not for romance. And let’s be clear, Mexican drug cartels are pretty much the opposite of love in every way. I’m not suggesting you emulate them or celebrate their lifestyle. But it doesn’t mean you can’t learn from them. Sometimes you can discover a diamond ring in the toilet.

Cocaine distribution and dating are surprisingly similar. Both activities require you to remain hopeful and motivated despite all the obstacles in your way. Both rely on the balance of…

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Though the truth may vary this, ship will carry our bodies safe to shore.

Since landing two very important things have happened.

First, I moved into my suite – I call it this not to be pretentious but, because both my roommate and landlord insist it’s a step up from an apartment. It’s cute and conveniently located in one of the nicest sections of Denver.  I also have heated tile in my bathroom and an indoor pool. The Jefferson’s would be proud.

Second, I’m broke.