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In related news: I like the person I’m becoming.



I’ve never really believed in an “inside” voice. Either you want to be heard, or you don’t.

Heavy heart, now a weightless cloud, making time for the ones that count


Lately, I’ve spent most of my time catching my breath. And that’s no fun.

Pictured are the 17 balloons, 3 dozen cupcakes and 2 cards my students brought for my birthday. Not pictured is the breakfast, Jimmy Johns lunch, and bottle of perfume I accidentally dropped.

I don’t care what the tests say, I have some of the best students in the nation. #makebetterhappen


Denver is the epitome of suburbia.

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Karen (who I could NOT have survived this move without) picked me up from the airport. There we were giggling and singing off key when suddenly I look up to realize… I live in a postcard.