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Bathroom Stall Confessionals #1

They say God created us with two ears and one mouth so we listen twice as much as we talk. Regardless of whether or not that statement is valid, I make an honest point to try and learn something new everyday. This usually entails listening to a combination of ESPN & NPR on the way to work as well as enjoying a steady feed of Aljeezera via my blackberry between class periods. Those are my BIG sources for news. But, my favorite source of news comes from a place too often overlooked…..the bathroom.

The truth is hundreds of students pass in, out, and by the bathrooms every day. They leave quotes, lyrics, pictures and sometimes even valuables (I found 5$ once) in the restrooms. They do this for all sorts of reasons, both good and bad. Some leave a deliberate and boisterous message e.g. (F*ck the police, they taking our minds). Others leave a less direct message like drawing a smiley face on a mirror, or even none at all. But, today I overheard something I couldn’t turn a blind ear to.

In a confidently reserved voice the girl with auburn hair faced her 16 year old friend and said, “Don’t plan a future with someone who doesn’t have a future planned out for themselves.” Then, girl popped her gum and turned to leave the bathroom.

With less characters than a tweet this girl captured my attention. & so the idea was born: what if all those messages–both the good and bad, intentional and accidental, were captured?


I Can Tell That You Been Practicing