I had a dream the other night about how we only get one life


If it’s good enough for Cinderella (the original sugar baby); it’s good enough for me. And, for the first time since I was 10- and finally allowed to stay up to the magical hour -I felt a spark of enthusiasm about the new year that I usually don’t feel acknowledge. Something about the new-ness and the opportunity to just begin again sent my mind racing. This excitement lasted all of 15 minutes before I realized my mind was running through a list of 365 possibilities faster than I could find post-it notes to write them down. So, I took a nap instead. And, by nap I mean I went to bed. I awoke the next day no less eager and giddy as I had floated off to sleep the night before.


That’s the text I sent to a friend around 8 am on January 2nd. I used caps lock and everything. About 2 hours later she finally responded with this emoji as if to say, ‘no harsh feelings but, we aren’t 12/there’s nothing exciting about 12:00pm unless you have super exciting news like a pregnancy and enjoy climatic news releases.’ I was almost offended she wasn’t as excited for 2014 as I was. So, I took my ideas (and my wounds) to the place of louder than life laughter and emotional band-aids…..the Scholar Factory (AKA my classroom).


“It actually came and brought a whole new year,” I exclaimed, bursting through the doors  of my classroom Tuesday morning. “Yes! It did. I woke up and it was just, like, here,” shouted an 8 year old in the front row. He got so excited he stood up. Two other kids followed suit screaming, “Miss, did you know now we don’t have to be the 2013 us, we can be the 2014 us?!” I smiled, filled with relief. Finally, I had found a group of people that felt as excited for the new year as I did. “You know why I like the new year Ms. A?,” asked a little girl with two pig tails and glittered Uggs. “I like it, ’cause it’s NEW! You don’t get new things all the time but, when you do, you need to stop and think ‘hey, this is NEW!'”

While my students may lack the refined articulation of Audie Cornish they are on par with the passion of Richard Simmons and the sweet intentions of Mother Theresa.

Glitter boots is right!

It’s not everyday you get something new. And it’s definitely not every day you get 365 new days to spend however you’d like. So in honor of the fact that 1- it’s 2014 and brand new and 2- I get to write a list (which is a personal pleasure of mine) I present:

14 resolutions worth conquering in 2014

  1. Send more brown paper packages tied up with string (snail mail)
  2. Be a grown up and start saving money in my savings account (as opposed to saving up  and then treating myself for saving up and then immediately spending it all.)
  3. Obtain more general brain knowledge via reading, google, and curiosity
  4. Call people I love, instead of snapchatting them sad faces of me missing them.
  5. Write (and blog) more.
  6. Sometimes wear heels.
  7. Get a passport.
  8. Quit it with the humblebrag.

    If I do something awesome, I’ve earned the right to celebrate said success in an adult/less obnoxious social media way.

  9. Lose weight. It’s a “I miss-my-old-clothes-type” thing, not a “I’m-the-size-of-an-Orca-type” thing. The real game plan includes dropping 35lbs by June 15th.
  10. Enjoy my life (specifically meals) without worrying about #which #hashtags #to #use on Instagram.

    #yet #another #obnoxious #20something #habit

  11. Look into how to become apart of Family Feud and/or pitch the concept via Powerpoint to my family
  12. Completely pay off IU (so I can actually receive a diploma I can hold)
  13. Clean my iTunes Library.
  14. Do more things that I love doing.

    I’m always the repinner never the pinee..


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