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Buy it, coppin’ it, washin’ it, ‘bout to go and get some compliments

I’ve heard of Pintrest but, never really gotten behind the whole “look at pictures for hours and think about but, never actually make anything” thing. It wasn’t until one of my darling and ever procrastinating friends uploaded a picture of a coat holder she made from a picture frame that I wised up to the whole recycling of ideas machine that is Pintrest.So I borrowed and then modified the idea as is modeled below. But then today I was looking at it and got to thinking..’how can I make this good thing, better?’ And that’s when it donned on me, decorate it with something I love!

The Steps:

1. Buy/Obtain a  picture frame.

I bought mine for .75 cents after popping some tags at the local Goodwill. I loved the vintage feel of it/couldn’t resist.

2. Remove the middle (usually glass) portion of the frame and the backing.

This, I feel like, goes without further explanation.

3. Buy some hooks.


I got mine for around 2$ from Walmart (forgive me do-gooders)

4.  Apply the hooks in the location of your choice + add adhesive backing

I just eye-balled where I wanted the hooks to go and then screwed them in myself—-bare handed. Chuck Norris/my dad would be proud.

5. Hang it.


Depending on how strong your adhesive is you may not want to hang certain (heavier) items from it. But, I hang my coat, scarf, and wallet (which is filled with fat ca$h) on it and it stays just fine.


I finished and prepared to write Queen Martha Stewart herself as I glanced on my cluttered bedroom floor to pick up a perfectly framed team photo. Taken in early October, I don’t think one photo can ever capture the spirit of my time or the current place I am more than this photo so I placed it on top of the hollowed out square to complete this look. You don’t have to do the same but, I figured what better place than the entrance of my bedroom to hang some happiness.



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