Once upon a time we were burning bright, Now all we ever seem to do is fight


I think it’s safe to say that as exciting and invigorating as the elections can be we’re all glad they’re over. I can finally watch Youtube without feeling guilty about everything I’ve ever done or apparently will ever do. Politics are personal and emotions are messy. I love the diplomatic nature of this country but, the last thing I want to talk about on my 5:30am bus ride is how my life is doomed if I vote one way or the other. I began thinking about how personal the elections really are and remembered that an overwhelming majority of my students are living through an election which directly impacts them yet they have no say so in. So today we held an open forum about the pros, cons, and forgotten emotions of a presidential election. These are thir stories.

  1. Obama’s voice makes me feel safe about who and where I am.
  2. That 64 passed and I bet Wiz is gone build a mansion right next to me!
  3. I’m just not ready to go [back to Mexico] yet. I like it here.
  4. Mittens should hit (listen to) that Drake. He always help me through my feelings.
  5. Don’t we all die in 2012?
  6. If losing feels anything like being dumped I’m Romney for life.
  7. Romney ain’t got no job now. Sucka.
  8. What happened to all the other people that ran for president? Who’s going to help them?
  9. I still don’t think the elections matter.
  10. I bet Romney supports Crocs.
  11. Birth control needs to be taken away so guys know the meaning of sex and actually care about maybe getting someone pregnant
  12. Do we ever all win?
  13. Mitt rhymes with shit. — on the back this student wrote ‘please don’t take away points for cursing.’
  14. I don’t think Romney was the best [candidate] but, I do think black people need to stop relying on welfare.
  15. I wonder if the Black Eyed Peas are gonna write a song about this.
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