Pictured are the 17 balloons, 3 dozen cupcakes and 2 cards my students brought for my birthday. Not pictured is the breakfast, Jimmy Johns lunch, and bottle of perfume I accidentally dropped.

I don’t care what the tests say, I have some of the best students in the nation. #makebetterhappen


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  1. […] My coworkers, friends, and family however do not agree. “Throw a party!, It’ll be fun!, Why wouldn’t you want to celebrate you?” were all questions/comments posed when I insisted I did not want to celebrate my most recent birthday. But, ‘you have to!’ they persisted . So I gave in and held a party to celebrate a time in my life I don’t think needs to be celebrated on just one day. I celebrate the victories when they happen, as they happen. And I know Hallmark would be disappointed but, I can’t be convinced that you should celebrate being alive 1 out of ever 365 days. I think it’s selfish to all the other days that led up to making you, you. […]

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