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I’ve never really believed in an “inside” voice. Either you want to be heard, or you don’t.


Poetic justice, poetic justice, You were so new to this life but damn you got adjusted

In college I had a gay friend. In fact, I had several gay friends–most of which were both open and honest about their sexuality. Others however  were not as comfortable.

There was one friend who excelled at the not-so-out gay lifestyle. We’ll call him Jake. Jake wore Toms and flannel in the fall, drove a super American car, and had a petite girlfriend who he almost constantly and publicly praised as being “fuc*ing hot.” Jake was involved  around campus and great at beer pong so for the most part he was well liked. Most considered Jake  the All-American (heterosexual) boy next door.

But, I had my suspicions. A lot of us who knew him did. We assumed his girlfriend, puppy, and facebook relationship status were all pieces of a well maintained coverup. To us, Jake was –and is–gay. Like most friendships the longer you know a person the more mutual friends you develop. Jake was no exception. Each month we’d add at least 2 people to our list of shared contacts. By the second year of our friendship we had collected so many mutual friends that Ash Ketchum would’ve been jealous. And with each new mutual friend came a new set of questions and poised facial expressions which, in the most polite way possible, asked, ‘is he gay?’

For a long time I didn’t know how to respond to these questions. Sure I had my suspicions but, they were just that…suspicions. I remained torn until I finally confided these concerns to yet another mutual friend, Lisa. Lisa had LOTS of gay friends. I figured if anyone knew how to approach the situation it’d be her. Lisa said she’d ask me one question and if I didn’t know what to do after that then she’d ask him herself. She asked, “has he ever told you he’s gay?” Of course the answer was no. If I knew the answer then it wouldn’t be a suspicion. Duh. Lisa went on to explain,”if you don’t know that he’s gay and he hasn’t told you that he’s gay then really there’s no valid evidence for you to believe that. Who are you to tell someone else who they are or aren’t?” I grew defensive wanting to explain that I wasn’t ‘trying to out him’ I just wanted to ‘help him.’ And that’s when Lisa gave me some of the best advice I’ve ever been given. She said, “it’s a common misconception that you can’t help others unless they are ready to help themselves. But, the truth is, you can’t help put out a fire that doesn’t exist.” Her point was: just because I saw Jake as gay, in the closet and struggling to balance those two worlds doesn’t  mean that any of those statements  are true.

So why share this story now?

Today one of my oldest friends announced her decision to de-hijab. After a few texts and even a DM I couldn’t help but to remember Jake and how I felt every time I was asked, ‘but, is he gay?’  People are about the bottom line. They don’t care about the beginning, middle, or end so long as you give them a happy ever after. And as much as I’d like to just say, “HERE IT IS!” That’s not the way life works. You can’t appreciate the ending to a movie without knowing the beginning. I say this because I have noticed a spike in the amount of girls I know who are de-hijabing and am in many ways concerned. My biggest concern is that it will become a  trend in which Muslim girls everywhere are cutting the metaphorical movie short just to give people the ending they want. And, I don’t believe in compromising identities. My second concern is that people will forget what hijab is and it’s highly subjective meaning for each girl who wears it. Regardless of how hurtful  it is (as a hijabi) to watch this trend emerge it’s more important to me that we remember that hijab is something that is worn just as much on the inside as it is on the outside. That is to say that, like Jake, just because a female decides to remove (or for that matter wear) the hijab it doesn’t necessarily mean that she is struggling or any less firm in her deen (religion) than she was when she was wearing it. Please do not misunderstand this as a justification piece–it is by no means that. But, it is a reminder piece. It’s time to pass on the lesson that meant so much to me a year ago today: unless you have the full story, you will never have the full story. And without the full story you will never appreciate the movie. So who are we to criticize?..Oh right, no one.

written with love and chai in hand, with the purest of intentions for Winnie.

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Heavy heart, now a weightless cloud, making time for the ones that count


Lately, I’ve spent most of my time catching my breath. And that’s no fun.

There’s no wonder why sometimes I’m feelin’ under, Gotta keep my faith alive ’til love is found


Today, I officially accepted my offer from Teach For America.

I shared this success with my students, including the crazy difficult/selective admissions process, to which my students asked, “was that on your bucket list?” This never occurred to me before but, I suppose working in low performing schools in traditionally low income communities has always been my dream, so I said, “yes.” That’s when a tall student with copper colored skin shouted out, “well what’s that say about you–that working with us is on your bucket list?”

…..Well, I suppose it says I give a damn.

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I took my turn and I will state my case But I could be wrong

A few weeks ago I was a guest blogger on my company’s website. I wrote about the “best  day of my life.”  [Spoiler alert]: I conclude that there are many ‘best days’ and we have no control over when or how they occur, which is perhaps why they are so beautiful, because they just happen. This is important because I believe that certain days shouldn’t be celebrated just because they have been celebrated before–and with that I’m sure I am at least 25% more attractive to anybody who has ever forgotten an anniversary. But, I digress.

Celebrations should be held out of a genuine desire to congratulate and honor the event/person and if it’s not for that reason, then it shouldn’t be celebrated. Go big or go home. I figure ‘Why fake an emotion to cause a mediocre memory?’

My coworkers, friends, and family however do not agree. “Throw a party!, It’ll be fun!, Why wouldn’t you want to celebrate you?” were all questions/comments posed when I insisted I did not want to celebrate my most recent birthday. But, ‘you have to!’ they persisted . So I gave in and held a party to celebrate a time in my life I don’t think needs to be celebrated on just one day. I celebrate the victories when they happen, as they happen. And I know Hallmark would be disappointed but, I can’t be convinced that you should celebrate being alive 1 out of ever 365 days. I think it’s selfish to all the other days that led up to making you, you.

But, I work with students who mean  the best so I held my “mis quince” balloon bouquet with pride. I  said “thank you” with every wish granted on my birthday and tried my hardest to mean it because punishing the best of intentions is far worse than celebrating a birthday that’s already been celebrated.

Let’s file this under: Fake it til you make it and call it a day.

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Pictured are the 17 balloons, 3 dozen cupcakes and 2 cards my students brought for my birthday. Not pictured is the breakfast, Jimmy Johns lunch, and bottle of perfume I accidentally dropped.

I don’t care what the tests say, I have some of the best students in the nation. #makebetterhappen


Once upon a time we were burning bright, Now all we ever seem to do is fight

I think it’s safe to say that as exciting and invigorating as the elections can be we’re all glad they’re over. I can finally watch Youtube without feeling guilty about everything I’ve ever done or apparently will ever do. Politics are personal and emotions are messy. I love the diplomatic nature of this country but, the last thing I want to talk about on my 5:30am bus ride is how my life is doomed if I vote one way or the other. I began thinking about how personal the elections really are and remembered that an overwhelming majority of my students are living through an election which directly impacts them yet they have no say so in. So today we held an open forum about the pros, cons, and forgotten emotions of a presidential election. These are thir stories.

  1. Obama’s voice makes me feel safe about who and where I am.
  2. That 64 passed and I bet Wiz is gone build a mansion right next to me!
  3. I’m just not ready to go [back to Mexico] yet. I like it here.
  4. Mittens should hit (listen to) that Drake. He always help me through my feelings.
  5. Don’t we all die in 2012?
  6. If losing feels anything like being dumped I’m Romney for life.
  7. Romney ain’t got no job now. Sucka.
  8. What happened to all the other people that ran for president? Who’s going to help them?
  9. I still don’t think the elections matter.
  10. I bet Romney supports Crocs.
  11. Birth control needs to be taken away so guys know the meaning of sex and actually care about maybe getting someone pregnant
  12. Do we ever all win?
  13. Mitt rhymes with shit. — on the back this student wrote ‘please don’t take away points for cursing.’
  14. I don’t think Romney was the best [candidate] but, I do think black people need to stop relying on welfare.
  15. I wonder if the Black Eyed Peas are gonna write a song about this.
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Denver is the epitome of suburbia.

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