Let me tell you the story in the form of a dream

The company I work for prides itself on producing  citizens committed to change, people who are willing to fight for the forgotten at any cost. We work ridiculous hours  in some fairly high stakes environments, most of us because we want to contribute to a cause bigger than ourselves. They call us young heroes.  I, who never considered herself  uniquely special, got to thinking but why me? What makes me a hero?

My theory is: there are nearly seven billion people on this planet. Each one unique, different. What are the chances of that? And why? Is it simply biology, physiology that determines this diversity? A collection of thoughts, memories, experiences that carve out our own special place? Are powers given or developed? Or is it something more than this? Perhaps there’s a master plan that drives the randomness of creation, something unknowable that dwells in the soul, and presents each one of us with a unique set of challenges, that will help us discover who we really are. And I wish I could end this by saying that I figured it out and have a solid understanding of heroes and villains but, I don’t.  All I know is that heroes come from someplace. They are not born; they are created.

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