You held your head like a hero on a history book page; It was the end of a decade but the start of an age

After last nights lively Presidential Debate— which oh so mercifully took place less than 5 miles from my condo– I sat down to construct what I imagined to be one of the best lesson plans of the semester. It was a lesson in comparing  Presidential Debates and freestyle rap battles.  I thought it was a winner. I  stepped into my US history class* with Donkey/Elephant animal crackers for prizes in one hand and entry tickets in the other. Entry tickets are simple prompts that are used to “set the stage” for the days activities. Today’s read, “List one lesson you gained from last night’s Presidential Debate.”


Because I work in urban education I anticipated that some students wouldn’t have access to the debate and thus planned to show a clip in class. What I did not plan on was the entire class with the exception of 2 students to have both watched and took notes on the debate. In fact, the students ended up having so much to say I decided to scratch my original idea and instead have an open forum to discuss the happenings of the 2012 Presidential Debate.

After mock opening arguments from both parties a sole student from the back said he’d like to represent a third party on behalf of Michelle Bachman. Intrigued by the request and entertained by the notion I set up a third group. So I moved to the head of the class, taking the place of Lehr and prepared to take my own notes. At the end of class I collected the entry tickets and haven’t stopped laughing since.

Below are the top 8 comments (in no particular order):

  1. Obama is sexy as hell. Vote 4 Obama.
  2. The debate kind of scared me once I realized it was like high school but with suits.
  3. I wonder who lines up Obama’s edges. He get paid a lot?
  4. Muthafuqa ain’t gone take my Elmo’s World!
  5. Romney sounds like Buzzlightyear
  6. If we do vote Obama, if we don’t vote Obama don’t matter ’cause our generations screwed anyways. (on the back this student wrote: “It’s not his fault though.”)
  7. I wonder how people would vote if they were both black.
  8. The illumanti runs this.


*=Clarification: Although I am not an teacher I have the good fortune of serving in 3 history classes in 2 different schools. I often borrow and combine ideas between the two schools hence the blended lesson plans.

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