Dream a little dream of me


You read right.

After racking enough hours to write a dissertation on frames, mattresses, and back pain my prayers have been answered. I got the text (above) from a co-worker who let me know that there was a full mattress set (mattress, frame and boxspring), with free delivery, up for grabs. The catch was I had less than 36 hours to decide whether or not I wanted it and I had to pay completely upfront, in cash, at time of delivery. Normally, this would be no problem except I wasn’t budgeting for a bed this month. So, there I sat in the middle of my floor (where all my best thinking is done) trying to decide whether or not to get a great deal (at least 75$ cheaper than any other deal I found) but, suffer the fate of being broke until October’s pay check.

[SPOILER ALERT] I bought the bed.

The good news is, I got a bed and it was everything the seller described. The box spring was still in the plastic and the mattress looked almost brand new. The bad news is the mattress is just cheap. It’s pretty thin and offers little support. The frames’ dimensions are off … so it’s  useless. The boxspring- which you can buy anywhere for pretty cheap-is the best part. In summary, the bed, as cheap as it was, isn’t worth much at all.

The upsetting thing is that I knew better than to buy a large ticket item without previewing it first. It’s my fault it’s not what I wanted. On the plus side though I’m glad I did buy the bed. Why? I needed one.  And, needs > wants.

I’m going to buy a new frame and make this bed exactly as I imagined it.


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