Wasn’t It Easier In Your Lunchbox Days?

Things I once thought were both simple and irrelevant have now become the focus of my day to day hustle. Take for example sleeping. Sleeping is a habit which most of us since birth have excelled at. Some of us have taken this necessity to a higher level, an art form even. Others of us struggle. Sadly, I am now one of those people which belong in the latter category. Sleeping wouldn’t be so tough if it weren’t for the fact that A- I don’t want to oversleep and get fired, on account of I have to wake up at 4:20am to catch two buses to my downtown office and B- I have no bed.

Never in my life (not camp, not my dorm, not on vacation or even at home) have I questioned where my bed came from, how much it cost, and/or how effective it is. Today alone however I’ve spent the past 2 hours and 22 minutes searching for a comfortable cost-effective place to dream. I ask not for something pricey and bold but instead for a plush yet modest place in which I can get lost in the stuff  Taylor sings of.

A comfort zone… is that too much to ask for?


One thought on “Wasn’t It Easier In Your Lunchbox Days?

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