Monthly Archives: August 2012

You might win some but, you just lost one

Yesterday a friend of mine from Chicago texted me. He asked the usual. Except this time the usual felt different. He asked, “Why Denver?” This was the first time in the 6.8 months since I’d been offered the Colorado job that I had been asked why I accepted the offer. I suppose it’s one thing to be given a offer but, an entirely different issue to accept an offer.This was something I had never considered. I sat in the middle of my floor- where all my best thinking happens- and stared at my phone half hoping that someone else would answer the question.

Three hours later I knew the answer. I carefully grabbed my Blackberry and began texting back.

“No reason to stay is a good reason to go.”

& so I went.


Karen (who I could NOT have survived this move without) picked me up from the airport. There we were giggling and singing off key when suddenly I look up to realize… I live in a postcard.


Though the truth may vary this, ship will carry our bodies safe to shore.

Since landing two very important things have happened.

First, I moved into my suite – I call it this not to be pretentious but, because both my roommate and landlord insist it’s a step up from an apartment. It’s cute and conveniently located in one of the nicest sections of Denver.  I also have heated tile in my bathroom and an indoor pool. The Jefferson’s would be proud.

Second, I’m broke.